Houssem Ben Amor

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About Me

Houssem is one of the firsts members to join the team of Nuked Cockroach. He took part of the team that transforms concept art into 3D models.Now he is working as Business developer, always networking and seeking new leads for the studio.

He studied Conception and multimedia for the first three years after high school, then he chose to specialize in Game art. His passion to the 3D art, led him to work in different agencies as a 3D Artist. Also, he used his skills to work as a freelancer for certain time.

Houssem is a very active member of the gaming community in Tunisia: he is the co-founder and president of the Tunisian Game Development association, Chairman of the International Game Development Association (Tunisian Chapter), and a Global Game Jam Board member.

He believes in the industry and the community, and translate his belief into organizing events such as the Tunisian Games Awards, Global Game Jam and many other events inside and outside Tunisia.

Houssem is a runner, it’s his favorite form of sports.

On the other hand, his favorite game is Final Fantasy 8.

Precision Beats Power and Timing Beats Speed!

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