Houssem Ben Amor

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Tunisian Game Awards 2018

Tunisian Game Awards in its 3rd edition is over.Thank you all for being part of this event. Here a full list of TGA  winners of this year :
* Game Of The Year: Black Rims: Wanted (winner) * Best Mobile Game: SpaceFaze (Winner) * Best PC/Console Game: Clash: Mutants Vs Pirates (winner)

* Best Student Game: Find The Way Out (winner) * Best Serious Game: Knowledge Adventure (winner) * Best AdverGame: - No winners in this category
* Best 2D Artist: Mekki Mohamed (Winner)
* Best 3D Artist: Kechiche Nabil (Winner)
20, October 2018 a special day for me during the Tunisian game awards that we organize since 3 years. I met with a lot of amazing developers and we received many amazing games. Since 2012 we created the Tunisian game developers association to promote the game development industry in Tunisia. Every year we were competing with ourselves inorder to bring always new ideas , create new event , competition, inviting professionals from all over the world, promoting the community in internationals events and keeping update the Tunisian game developers with what happens in the industry. Today it's my last event as an organizer in the Tunisian scene, I had to took this decision to have more time, energy for other international call of duty. 2012_2018 was a great period in my life I learned a lot from what I did inside the association , but now I have to move forward for a new era. I will be always working on things that will help the community with other ways, I'm not giving up but preparing myself for some things better.
"Tunisian game developers I love you." Houssem ben amor.
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